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Terms of Conditions

The “Terms of Use”, the terms of which are written below, include the necessary rules for you to benefit from the services on our website (Site) with the extension www.MyOpenStage.com and to purchase event tickets.

By visiting or using our Site, you expressly acknowledge, declare and undertake that you have read these Terms, understand the content, adhere to these terms, and comply with these Terms and all current laws, regulations and regulations related to the Site. In addition, we would like to emphasize that with these Terms of Use, you are “clearly and clearly informed that you will be under the obligation to pay if your ticket purchase order is approved”. Erkay Salih Kantar and myopenstage.com (both referred to as “My Open Stage”) have the right to make changes to these conditions at any time. These conditions take effect immediately as soon as they are announced on the site. Therefore, please follow this page of the site regularly. Regarding the purchase of an event ticket and other service from My Open Stage, the provisions of the “Policies and Sales Agreement” as well as the “Privacy Statement” must be read and examined.


1- The content and software of the site belongs to My Open Stage and / or its suppliers and is protected by Turkish and international copyright legislation. Legal copyright notice and various introductory articles have been placed on the site pages. It is forbidden to delete or remove or change these warnings and articles. Please do not delete, remove, or modify this warning or promotional letters or any additional information provided with them.

2- You acknowledge that you have the right to visit and view this Site for your personal use only, to watch events, to obtain introductory information, to purchase tickets (or other merchandise) and to benefit from your other personal use. In this context, unless authorized by My Open Stage in writing, you will not use the site in any form and form, copy, upload, change, change, create derivative works, or display it to the public for any purpose other than your personal use. You agree that you will not distribute it in any other way or subject it to any other illegal or unauthorized savings.

3- By visiting or using the Site, you can only operate on the Site for lawful purposes. All legal, criminal or other responsibilities in every transaction and action you make within the site belong to you exclusively. In this context, it may contain pictures, texts, visual and audio images, video clips, files, databases, catalogs and lists within the Site, in a manner that may violate the intellectual or personal rights or other rights or assets of My Open Stage and / or another third party. You also acknowledge, declare and undertake that you will not duplicate, duplicate, process, manipulate any other information, element, or compete with My Open Stage directly and / or indirectly. My Open Stage cannot be held responsible in any way, directly and / or indirectly, for any damages incurred or may be incurred by third parties due to the activities / operations you perform on the Site in violation of these terms of use and / or law / legislation. In this context, if any responsibility is preferred to My Open Stage, the related Users also accept, declare and undertake that they will immediately compensate for any damage of My Open Stage. It is forbidden to use any robot, spider or other automated tools or manual processes, without the written permission of My Open Stage, in order to use our site for any unauthorized and unauthorized purpose or to achieve any other savings.

You also agree that you will not use any tools, software or other hardware / equipment to interfere with or attempt to interfere with the operation of My Open Stage, nor do any action on our site’s infrastructure that imposes an unreasonable or disproportionate load on this infrastructure. Any illegal and / or unauthorized use of the site is prohibited, including unauthorized ticket sales, unauthorized framing of the site, or unauthorized connection to the site, or unauthorized use of a robot, spider or other automated tool located on the site, and in such use, necessary investigations will be carried out and All necessary precautions will be taken as well as necessary legal and administrative means will be applied.

4- The rights and privileges of the users who use My Open Stage unauthorized by using the information and materials subject to copyright without express permission will be terminated. In particular, users who place articles must be sure, images, stories, software or copyrighted or similar content on this site do not infringe or infringe third parties’ copyrights or other rights (such as privacy of privacy or rights to disclose). The relevant copyright owner or his representative or other third party notifies My Open Stage that a user is using this site as a means of illegal infringement or infringement, or the violation is fixed by a court order or by the relevant user, or In the event that My Open Stage suspects / is concerned about the situation in any way, the rights of the violating user to access and / or use the site will be revoked.

5- The commitment of the accuracy and legitimacy of the information, content, visual and audio images provided and published by any third party is the responsibility of those who carry out these actions and / or submit the content to the site. My Open Stage does not warrant and guarantee the security, accuracy and compliance with the law / legislation of the services / broadcasts and content provided by third parties, including Users. You agree that you will compensate any damages and damages that third parties may suffer due to your use of the site unfairly / illegally, including when you use the site to connect to another site or to upload content or other information to the site. As you do not comply with the provisions of the legislation, you will personally be responsible for any responsibilities that may arise either in My Open Stage or in third parties, and that you will not make any requests for recourse from My Open Stage due to these responsibilities. You represent, accept and undertake that you will immediately compensate for possible claims and damages.

6- My Open Stage does not warrant or undertake that the site will be uninterrupted or error free, or that certain results will be obtained by using or linking to the site or its content. Again, My Open Stage does not provide any express or implied warranties and / or promises, including fitness for a particular purpose, uninterrupted continuity, update, functionality, accuracy, error, within the scope of the services it provides on the site. The site and its content are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. Nor does My Open Stage guarantee that the files you upload from the site are free from viruses or contaminants or disruptive features. My Open Stage does not assume any other express or implied warranties, including warranties of merchantability and commercial value of the site. My Open Stage cannot be held responsible in any way or for any damages that may result from the use of the site. My Open Stage makes no guarantees about the results that can be expected from using the site or using the My Open Stage service.

7- My Open Stage; third party users, My Open Stage users, advertisers and / or sponsors of the site are not responsible for the transactions and actions of the site, nor are they responsible for any act, negligence and behavior related to your use of the site and / or My Open Stage service. My Open Stage; The organizers of any activity, performers, institutions or other third parties cannot be held responsible for the products, services, acts or omissions associated with or referring to the site.

8- If any of the provisions limiting the responsibility of My Open Stage is found to be in violation of the relevant legislation by the relevant court, the provision in question will be applied within the scope of the legislative provision that complies with the legislation and minimizes responsibility, and the responsibility of My Open Stage will be determined accordingly.

9- My Open Stage, to be able to change the Services and content offered on the Site at any time; It has the right to put a “blog” on the site, to close and delete the information and content uploaded by the Users to the access of third parties, including the Users. My Open Stage can exercise this right without any prior notice and notice.

10- My Open Stage can ‘link’ to and redirect to third parties that are not under My Open Stage’s control and to other websites and / or portals, files or content owned and operated by other third parties. These “links” / referrals do not constitute any kind of declaration or warranty for the information that the website or the person operating the site is supported, or the information contained in the website or contained. My Open Stage has no responsibility and / or commitment for portals, websites, files and content accessed through “links” on the site, services or products offered on portals or websites accessed through these “links” or their content.

11- My Open Stage may temporarily suspend or stop the services / site within the scope of the site when it deems it necessary. My Open Stage is not liable to users for any temporary suspension of services or a complete cessation or shutdown of the site.

12- These Terms of Use also include the My Open Stage Sales Policy and Statement, and those who visit and use our site accept, declare, agree and abide they have committed by the terms of the said Sales Policy and Privacy Statement.

13- By using the Site, in case of a dispute related to or about a site by site, regardless of the conflict of laws conflict with the rules will be subject to the Republic of Turkey laws and you also agree that resolved according to the law. You also agree that Istanbul (Çağlayan) courts and enforcement offices will be in charge and authorized in the event of any dispute regarding the site and / or its provisions.

14- If you violate these Terms of Use, My Open Stage may terminate your use of the Site, prevent you from using the Site in the future and / or take legal action against you.

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