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Nelly | Guitar By Kamil Erdem




Kamil Erdem plays a Venezuelan Waltz, ‘Nelly’ by Antonio Lauro. / 2017

Kamil Erdem was born in Ankara in 1959. He finished at TED Ankara College in 1997, and graduated from the Department of Electric Engineering at Middle East Technical University in 1983. He participated in Oktay Temiz’s Oriental Wind Group in 1981. Between 1981 and 1986, he had given many concerts with the group in Turkey and Europe. In 1990, Erdem founded the group Asiaminor, which has given him access to the international music scene for more than 10 years. Asiaminor toured several times in Europe (1990-2002) and the USA (1996, 1998, 2003), and released three albums, “Along the Street” (1991), “Longa Nova” (1996), and “Cat′s Dream” (1997). With the Asiaminor group, Erdem has participated in numerous music festivals including Ankara International Music Festival (1995), Izmir Europe Jazz Days (1995), Akbank International Jazz Festival (1995), Istanbul Jazz Festival (1996), Bursa International Music Festival (1998), Bodrum Musicrama (1998), Jazz Fest Wiesen (Vienna, 1991), World Music Festival (Budapest, 1991), Festa dell’ Unita (Napoli, 1997), Thessaloniki Europe Culture Capital (1997)…

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